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The Best Private Security Services in Vallejo, CA

Protecting your business starts with safeguarding your assets — your personnel, property, products, and everything else that helps your company function at its best. There are plenty of bad actors who are willing to undermine your stability and safety, and while cybersecurity gets all the press these days, physical threats are still very real.

Hiring private security is the best way to give yourself and your clients peace of mind. When you turn to a private security contractor, you can tailor your protection to your specific needs, whether you require round-the-clock armed guards or better, faster responses to emergencies.

Our Private Security Services

At Armorous, we provide private security for hire in Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area and the following counties: 

  • Vallejo 

  • Napa 

  • Sonoma

  • Sacramento

  • Mendocino

  • Lake

We understand that not every business wants conspicuously armed guards, whereas others would benefit from demonstrating a willingness to defend life and property. You might only require security to react quickly in an emergency or for a short period of time, or a longer period for a construction project.

Alternatively, you might need long-term, permanent security. In such cases, it could be beneficial to have marked patrol vehicles present as a deterrent. 

Armorous has made a name as one of the top private security companies in California by offering bespoke services backed up by real-world results and decades of expertise in a variety of fields.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Emergency & Disaster Relief: We can handle evacuations, secure shelters, engage in search and rescue, and support local first responders

  • Cannabis Industry: We provide security for indoor and outdoor grows, dispensaries, extraction facilities, and any storage or distribution centers

  • Construction: Because stolen equipment and supplies waste money and time, protecting construction sites and preventing theft are essential

  • Commercial Buildings: With us, you can trust that your merchandise and property are safe whether your business is open or closed

  • Vehicle Patrol: Our marked patrol vehicles can deter crime before it happens and perform safety checks

Partner With Someone You Can Trust

There are plenty of security guard companies — but only one Armorous. Our firm was born from our founder Eric Hanson’s dedication to improving the offerings provided by armed security companies. Everyone at Armorous has extensive expertise in the security field and brings a breadth of knowledge to better serve our clients. 

Armorous is no stranger to intense and dangerous situations. We’ve worked with almost all law enforcement agencies, from the FBI to the DoJ, as well as local police and sheriff’s departments.

Private Security Services in Vallejo, CA

Whether you need the Armorous team or want to join us, we’d love to hear from you. You can get a quote to see what type of security is right for you or even apply for a job at Armorous. Either way, we always look forward to speaking with someone who takes security as seriously as we do.

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