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Armorous Security Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis Industry is booming in California.

We are located in the heart of it, so we know how to protect you.

Armorous Security Cannabis Industry California

We Keep Your People Safe

Your employees are your most valuable assets, so we make personal safety a top priority. Together, we will create a safe environment that maximizes safety while minimizing disruptions.

Be Legally Compliant

Security measures are required for state and local codes and licensing. Our experts will consult on video surveillance, access control and other best practices.
Armorous Security Cannabis Security
Armorous Security for the Cannabis Industry in California

Guard Onsite

In addition to being required in most places, having a physical security guard onsite can prevent thefts and threats. Our guards are also trained to notice details that other overlook.
Cannabis Industry Security in San Francisco
From the biggest names to the smaller boutiques, we serve all facets of required security measures.
Our expertise includes protecting these types of cannabis operations:
  • Outdoor grows
  • Indoor grows
  • Dispensaries
  • Extraction facilities
  • Delivery Depots
  • Storage Facilities
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
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