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Empowering Excellence Through

Dedicated Leadership

At Armorous Security, our commitme­nt to excellence­ begins from within. Our team of exe­cutives stands united not only in delive­ring top-notch security solutions but also in prioritizing the well-be­ing and growth of our dedicated guard force. We­ recognize that our people­ are the lifeblood of our organization. By providing unwave­ring support, empowerment, and opportunitie­s, we ensure the­y can offer you the highest le­vel of protection. Your security is our primary mission, and our e­xecutive team is he­re to lead, nurture, and e­levate our guards so that they may thrive­ and guarantee your safety with utmost compe­tence.


Eric Hanson

CEO + Founder

Meet Eric Hanson, the passionate CEO behind Armorous Security Services. With a rich family legacy spanning three decades in security and protection services, Eric's connection to the industry runs deep. Drawing from this wealth of experience, he has fostered not only a comprehensive understanding but also a profound empathy for the needs of clients and the challenges faced by security professionals.

Eric's unwavering dedication to excellence stems from his vision for Armorous – a vision that goes beyond business success. He aims to restore the dignity and respect that the security industry deserves, while simultaneously revolutionizing what clients can expect. His journey is one of empowerment, where both his team and clients find confidence in Armorous' exceptional service.


Robert Pleasants

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Pleasants is no stranger to high performance fast growth organizations, having spent the past 28 years in various growth officer positions. An entrepreneur at heart Robert has worked with an array of different companies, including Require Inc., a start up in the title insurance agency; Textron and The Porch Group, large publicly traded holding groups; and private sector companies RynohLive and ProLink. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Robert is primarilyresponsible for revenue growth and operational efficiency. “The two most important aspects of Armorous is our commitment to our clients and our guards. As we focus on future growth, we will always make a concerted effort to provide the ultimate experience to both.


Kevin Izard

Operations Manager

Meet Kevin, a seasoned security veteran with two decades of industry expertise, including a notable tenure as the Security and Safety Manager for Graton Casino. As the Operations Manager at Armorous Security Services, he infuses our team with exceptional leadership and a reliable, composed demeanor. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin's passion for coaching football during his free time underscores his commitment to mentoring and growth – values deeply aligned with Armorous' vision of empowerment.

Kevin's experience and steady guidance resonate seamlessly with our mission to redefine security. His well-rounded background and dedication form a solid foundation as we elevate our commitment to excellence. 

Britt Rogers-Hanson

Vice President of Marketing

Shela Borr

Director of Human Resources

Tawny Campbell

Director of Recruiting

Lydia Green

Operations Coordinator

Brandon Buckley

Office Coordinator

Lindsey Merrill

Executive Assistant 

Supervisor Excellence at Armorous Security

Our supervisors play a vital role­ in our operational success. They are­ committed to upholding our core values and e­nsuring that every security de­tail is carried out with precision and professionalism. With the­ir extensive industry knowle­dge and strong leadership skills, our supe­rvisors lead by example, cre­ating a culture of excelle­nce, continuous improvement, and accountability within our guard force­. Their role goes be­yond simply overseeing se­curity operations; they also empowe­r our guards, instill confidence, and maintain the highe­st standards of protection. At Armorous Security, our supervisors e­mbody our unwavering dedication to providing world-class security whe­re safety and quality are always prioritize­d.

Supervisor Team 

Sebashtian Coval

Operations Supervisor

Vernon Wroten

Operations Supervisor

Tristen Cockrall

Operations Supervisor

Damarcus Wright

Operations Supervisor

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