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The Leading Private Security Provider in Oakland, CA

Armorous Private Security is committed to providing peace of mind to our fellow Oakland residents.

Top-Tier Private Security Services

Quality and professionalism are core values at Armorous, where our primary goal is to help you protect what matters. It’s not easy to find trusted armed security companies that offer tailored solutions for your business needs, but Armorous has it all with:

  • Armed guards

  • Unarmed guards

  • Marked vehicle patrols

  • Long-term contracts

  • Short-term contracts

  • Emergency services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and Armorous is in the business of preventing problems before they occur. Pick and choose the services that best meet your needs, and we’ll deliver the manpower to deter threats and deliver peace of mind.

Our Areas of Security Specialization

When you need security, the last thing you want is to contract with half a dozen different private security companies to obtain custom coverage. With Armorous, you’ll find everything you need under one roof. Our areas of private security specialization include:

  • Emergency and disaster relief

  • Cannabis industry

  • Construction

  • Commercial buildings

  • Vehicle patrol

You never know when emergency security needs may arise. With Armorous, you could have emergency and disaster relief services on-site in as little as one hour in some areas. We also cater to a range of business interests.

Businesses in the cannabis industry that deal largely in cash transactions can be prime targets for robbery, while burglary of materials from unattended construction sites significantly impacts your bottom line. 

Plenty of commercial buildings are targets for criminal activity like vandalism and burglary as well, which is why the right on-site security and vehicle patrol services are so important for any California business.

Why Choose Armorous?

Are you looking to hire a private investigator following a security breach at your business location? Do you need a full-time security presence to protect against threats?

The team at Armorous boasts decades of experience in security, protection, and law enforcement, resulting in a comprehensive slate of exceptional services tailored to each client. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and professionalism at every turn, providing flexible and responsive protection that perfectly meets your needs.

Armorous Is Your Sword and Shield

When you need private security for hire, Armorous can protect you from threats to your business or planned public events. Contact us now to learn more about our comprehensive security services and receive a quote.

Are you interested in joining one of the finest security guard companies in Oakland? Apply for a job with Armorous today.

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