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Armorous Security Vehicle Patrols

Vehicle Patrols Are Effective and Affordable

Vehicle patrol can be highly successful in deterring theft and threats in residential and commercial buildings.

Armorous Security Apartment Patrols

High Visible Presence

Our marked vehicles are highly visible and makes our presence known. At select times, our vehicle will slowly drive with with lights flashing to announce that serious security is on site.

Perform Checks

We are your eyes and ears on your property while no one else is around. We check doors locks, windows, gates and other entry points, and perform fire checks and safety checks.

Fully Customized Plan

Your facility and needs are unique. We assess your vulnerabilities and offer solutions to create a security strategy that is specific to your situation.

Armorous Security on site vehicle patrols

Maximum protection with minimal disruptions.

Security presence without the cost of having a live officer on you property.
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