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The Top-Rated Private Security Provider in Sacramento, CA

Everyone wants to feel secure, but when you run a business, you have the immense burden of protecting your location, products, employees, and customers. This is why it’s so important to partner with a versatile and reliable private security provider with a range of services designed to meet your unique needs.

We’re here to help Sacramento businesses protect what matters most with tailored security solutions.

Your Go-To for Private Security Services

Whether you’re just starting to research and compare armed security companies or you require immediate private security for hire, you’ll find the services best suited to your business when you choose Armorous. We proudly offer access to:

  • Armed guards

  • Unarmed guards

  • Marked vehicle patrol

  •  Long-term contracts

  • Short-term services

  • Emergency solutions

Armed guards can help to protect your property, employees, and customers from serious threats like violent crimes and ensure asset protection. Or you might prefer the presence of unarmed guards or vehicle patrols to deter crimes like vandalism, attempted burglary, or other low- or medium-risk situations.

Short-term services allow you to give us a trial run or secure needed protection for special events while long-term contracts deliver lasting peace of mind. Emergency solutions offer near-immediate coverage for unexpected disaster scenarios.

Our Areas of Security Specialization

Are you worried about burglary at your construction site or armed robbery at your dispensary? Maybe you’re simply looking for blanket coverage to keep your Sacramento business safe from potential threats. Armorous is the private security contractor that offers the tailored solutions you need. We specialize in:

Our decades of experience in the security industry trump average security guard companies. We not only employ our intensive knowledge and skills on behalf of our clients, but we offer the unique solutions every business requires instead of cookie-cutter options that fall short.

Why Choose Armorous?

Security services are nothing without trust. Armorous has the experience and commitment to customer satisfaction that you can rely on. We not only offer a range of services to suit your unique needs, but we’re ready to scale up as needed and fill in the gaps during emergencies.

With options for armed and unarmed guards, vehicle patrols, and specialized offerings like private investigation services, not to mention short- and long-term contracts, your specific needs will always be met when you choose Armorous.

Armorous Serves Sacramento

Are you on the hunt for private security companies with a stellar reputation that can cater to your needs? Maybe you’re a security professional interested in working for an industry-leading company that cares about employees and clients alike.


Contact Armorous today to receive a quote for needed security services or apply for a job with a top-rated security provider in Sacramento.

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