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Armorous Security Mendocino

Excellence is Our Legacy

Armorous is part of a family tradition of security agencies spanning four decades of protecting clients around the globe. We have worked with nearly every law enforcement agency including FBI, DEA, DOJ, DPS, CPS and local police and sheriff’s departments.

Armorous is Always Reliable & Ever Vigilant.
Generations of experience enhanced with advanced technology provide you the most effective and efficient security possible.

Armed or unarmed. 
Foot or vehicle patrol. Short-term or long-term. We do it all.

We're always "on". So you don't have to be.

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Security expertise at your service.

We provide full spectrum service and can provide a custom security package that ensures the maximum level of coverage that fits your budget.


Premier Professionals

We mirror the best practices, innovations, and trends in government security and investigations.
Our thorough hiring process ensures that only the most well-trained and knowledgeable are on our team. Our uniforms are pressed, our appearance is clean-cut, and we always arrive on time.

Client Focused

We take pride in guaranteeing that we are completely responsive and accountable to each client’s unique needs. Satisfied clients are what make us succeed as a company

Technologically Advanced

Real time reporting on the cloud and GPS tracking of our personnel 24/7. Use of technology cuts costs and increases effectiveness.
Armorous Security Advanced Technology
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