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The Leading Private Security Service in Santa Rosa, CA

At Armorous, we make it our mission to protect what matters and instill a peace of mind in our fellow Santa Rosa residents. With decades of experience and a diverse background in law enforcement, we can provide the tailored private security services you need.

World-Class Security Services

Armorous is a private security contractor proudly serving Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. We have everything you need to customize your security, including:

  • Armed guards

  • Unarmed guards

  • Marked vehicle patrols

  • Long-term service contracts

  • Short-term engagements

  • Emergency services

There’s no need to waste your time with security guard companies that offer one-size-fits-all services. When you choose Armorous, our team of consultants works to understand your precise needs and deliver the tailored and scalable solutions you expect.

Our Areas of Security Specialization

Do you operate a cash business? Maybe you manage facilities or sites stocked with valuable products, materials, or equipment, or you are in need of immediate security services to deal with a disaster or imminent threat. You may be looking for private security companies that offer an on-site presence to deter threats.

Armorous can meet your every need with services designed for:

We optimize your protection without disrupting your operations. Whether you prefer a discreet on-site presence or a highly visible vehicle patrol, we’ll act as your eyes, ears, and deterrent, helping you plan for suitable surveillance and other needed security measures.

Why Choose Us?

At Armorous, we pride ourselves on integrity, competence, and excellence, and our ultimate goal is your safety and security. Our team offers decades of collective experience in law enforcement, investigation, and complementary fields, setting us apart from other armed security companies. 


Whether your needs are immediate or long-term, you can find solutions to suit them from the dedicated team at Armorous.

Armorous Takes Care of You

Effective security saves you time, money, and hassle. Are you ready to protect what matters? Contact us now to learn more about our tailored service solutions and request a quote.


If you’re interested in an exciting and rewarding career in private security, apply for a job today.


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